Additional Imported Products

Need other products?

We can help you reduce all your material costs. How? By bringing in other components from China, we have helped quite a few companies be competitive on their final products.  So far we have worked with manufacturers on their wire harnesses, specialty stampings and brackets, ceramic toilets, PC boards, surfing gear, metal and aluminum forgings, LED lighting, etc.

Face it, for American manufacturers to be competitive, we need to find ways to reduce our costs. By reducing some of our material costs, our final assembled pricing can be lower, adding to increased revenues, and an increase in our labor force.

With containers arriving every 3-4 weeks at our factory located in Southern New Jersey, we can easily load other products onto these containers at a minimal cost to you.

Provide us with any prints or sample parts you have and we will provide you with  a quality product at a fair price from China.

Thank you for keeping us in mind.


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